E cigs can be used anywhere

E cigs can be used anywhere

At this time, most electronic cigarettes are accepted in many of the places that traditional ones are not.  There is no smell attached to the released vapor, and it dissipates into the air very quickly, which allows indoor use to go relatively unnoticed.  Even though most places have not instituted formal bans on e-cigs, some restaurants and businesses have initiated their own bans on them.  While this is mostly due to the stigma and similarity these devices have with traditional smoking, others have made this choice in light of the lack of information regarding the safety of the devices.

There is no denying that e-cigarettes are the new thing, and their current growing popularity means that they are quickly becoming a household name.  While there are very few regulations on these products, the FDA is working to develop control over them due to the nicotine consumption they allow.

The future of e-cigs depends entirely on the determination of whether they are healthier than traditional smoking as they are currently marketed.  So far, only time will tell for sure.

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