E-cigarettes are the New Thing

E-cigarettes are the New Thing

One of the hottest new things in smoking options is the electronic cigarette, commonly referred to as e-cigs.  These devices are battery powered, and seem to be a great way of getting around those pesky smoking bans in public areas as they only release a small amount of vapor.  Their growing popularity has many believing that they could quickly become the go to choice for smokers everywhere, with some even going so far as saying that they may replace them altogether.

What is an E-cig?

An E-cigarette is a battery powered device that uses heat from the battery to heat liquid nicotine.  Once the heating element is activated, either by simply puffing on the device, or activating it, it provides a nicotine vapor that many believe is considerably safer than traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are available in disposable or refillable options.  The disposable e-cigs generally claim that one device holds an amount that is equivalent to around one pack of cigarettes, depending on the length of the drag.  These devices are designed to be used and tossed out when they are emptied. Reusable e-cigarettes are designed to be refillable, with additional accessories available as needed.  These e-cigs run on rechargeable batteries, and use cartomizers for nicotine liquid.  These devices generally come with a charger, and at least one full cartomizer of nicotine.  The refillable e-cigs have led to an entire market of liquids that are available in many different flavors and strengths, providing “vapers” with an endless supply of options for their refillable device.

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